The Myth Of Republican Resistance

The Republican Resistance seems to be far from reality, at least among the elected officials. Republicans vote with him at a high rate. Commending Republican elected officials who criticize Trump, but still vote for his Right-Wing policies is counter-intuitive. It gives the illusion, of a divide, or belief certain Republicans can become part of the solution. The reality is, Republicans are emblematic of the problem.


Here’s Why Consumer Protections Are At Risk With Trump Presidency

    Consumer protection groups have grown increasingly concerned about Republican promises to cut back on financial regulations next year. The roll back in regulations could pose a risk for minority communities who have historically been subject to discriminatory practices by mortgage, auto, and pay day lenders. Republicans in Congress are targeting the Consumer Financial […]

Civic Groups Face Voter Intimidation Efforts In Georgia

Kennesaw State University, part of the Georgia state college system, has begun an offensive attack on local civic groups who are conducting voter registration drives on campus. Dean Michael Sanseviro has alleged that these registration groups are targeting African American voters by having them complete fake voter registration forms in an effort to suppress their […]

Here’s Why A Sanders/Stein Coalition Might Not Guarantee Victory For Trump

Before I explain, I understand the super delegates don’t vote until the end of July. But let’s be honest, they are Democratic Party insiders. They aren’t going to change their votes for Sanders, who has 3 million less votes than Clinton. In the words of Dennis Green, “They are who we thought they were.” And that’s fine, because political revolutions don’t happen in the Democratic Party. They happen outside the establishment.

Policing Muslim Communities: Why History Can’t Repeat Itself

The recent resurgence of anti-immigrant rhetoric isn’t foreign to American politics. During the first two decades of the 1900’s Americans across party lines were staunchly against immigrants. The United States passed several anti-immigrant laws designed to reduce immigration coming from European, African and Asian countries. Just because we’ve experienced this before makes America’s current discourse […]