The untold stories from workers who are in constant struggle on the frontlines of capitalism are the best kept secret in American society. Workers’ struggles rarely make the front covers unless they threaten to strike. The strike is the working class most powerful tool and those who are ready to use it can fix their problems on the job. However, the action of striking isn’t the only form of struggles workers engage in day to day. These are the stories, the victories, and the will of workers who dare to resist the predatory nature of capitalism in their work lives and their communities.

Workers organizing themselves unlock a form of revolutionary fervor many Americans believe only exist in history books. The idea that grand actions such as pickets and strikes are so special that it eludes the common worker is evident when speaking to a worker about organizing. The problem is the lack of exposure to worker struggles across the United States. With the advent of Fight for 15 in 2012, workers who were paid low wages saw hope. As states and municipalities began to pass $15 minimum wage laws, workers in the United States saw how victory could be achieved.

The public struggle for economic security is a winding trail, filled with obstacles and barriers designed to discourage and dismiss organizing efforts. The mainstream media, rarely covers the day to day struggles workers face. Currently Left, has one main goal: Recognize the stories of workers and organizers on the front lines of our collective economic struggle.

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